On thaw: 'An impressive feat... exceptional quality and songwriting craftsmanship".” - Mark Furnas

— Billboard Magazine

Muricidae is a brand new ethereal dreampop project by John Fryer (Depeche Mode, NIN, Cocteau Twins, etc.) with Louise Fraser on vocals. Out now is the 5-track EP “Tales From A Silent Ocean” which will please those who fell in love with Cocteau Twins due to the rich vocals and very smoothly mixed music of John Fryer. A recommended release, and we surely hope to hear some more from this Oslo, Norway / Los Angeles, CA based act.”


TOP 15 OF 2015 John Fryer, legendary producer and songwriter, released Muricidae this year, a Mortal Coil-esque enterprise featuring Louise Fraser. This jewel from their debut album, Tales from a Silent Ocean, is set to repeat. It's perpetually Sunday after sundown, and that's our favourite time. ”


Muricidae, the project of John Fryer and Louise Fraser, left something unexpected in our (sheer) Christmas Stockings this year - a sweet new release wrapped like a glitterball. More of a dance effort than the hypnotic, dreampop stylings of previous Muricidae releases, 'American Dream' maintains the duo's lush vocal style, but gets the hooks into you with a melodic line sharper than a Tom Ford suit and bubbling synths.   It's no mystery that the sound is crafted by Fryer, the legendary producer of Fad Gadget, Nine Inch Nails, and a zillion other bands you've definitely heard of. If his earlier band, This Mortal Coil, had been remixed for the dancefloor, this is how it might have turned out. As it is, we're not drawing lines to other artists, because this release is incomparable. ”


“Muricidae” are the Mesmerizing duo of Legendary Producer John Fryer (Cocteau Twins, NiN, HIM, Cradle Of Filth and many more) and Stunning Vocal Enchantress Louise Fraser. They met on the beach searching for Mermaids and once they started talking, Louise had a “Doors” moment and said “Hey John, lets start a band” and from that day to this, they have been weaving their magic together on a ever changing musical soundscape. The 1st fruits of their labor is the EP“Tales From A Silent Ocean”. Sahipwrecked, Marooned and Hallucinating from Sunstroke and Rum, Muricidae leaves you content in glorious ruin. Muricidae, the duo of John Fryer and Louise Fraser, has revealed its first EP, “Tales from a Silent Ocean”. Awash with atmosphere, the release is infused with the sophisticated style that Fryer conjured up for 4AD during his time as a member of This Mortal Coil and studio magician at Blackwing Studios.”


The music of John Fryer had an undeniable influence upon David Lynch, who’s compositions with Angelo Badalamenti and Julee Cruise were directly inspired by Fryer’s work on This Mortal Coil.  Things seem to have come full circle, as our 4AD veteran seems to be auditioning for scoring the Twin Peaks revival with his collaboration with another Fraser, this time named Louise… and give the man the job for crying out loud.  Wow—just listen to the track “Away” off of the "Tales from a Silent Ocean" EP.  The song is a siren’s call leading a ship to it’s doom while floating on a plane of thick pink fog.  Shipwrecked, marooned, and hallucinating from sunstroke and rum, Muricidae leaves you content in glorious ruin.  Quite literally music for a deserted island.”